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A brand new company with an 85-year legacy. This is what we have, when the owners of three established, family-run businesses come together to form a new energy company serving Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Three men make up the DMM initials in the business name: Kel Doak, Darrell Morgan and John Marsollier. Each one is the head of his own established fuel company: Doak’s Bulk Fuels out of The Pas, Manitoba;  Morgan Fuels out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario and Marsollier Petroleum out of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. 

DMM Energy has grown to become one of the largest distributors of Esso branded fuel products in Western Canada. Our team operates in various regions to service a variety of customers from farm to fleet, projects big and small. We strive to improve fueling experiences by providing cost effective business solutions to ensure the success of our customers and their business. We believe that investing in our communities, our customers and our employees is critical to our mission to move and grow together across Western Canada. 


Kelvin Doak

Doak's Bulk Fuels was started by my father, Wayne Doak in 1965 in Snow Lake, Manitoba. He was the agent there, and moved to Lynn Lake as the agent to supply the mining industry. I came into the family business in 1984, working for my dad as a driver, and then as part owner in 1990.  Doak's Bulk Fuels became the Esso Agent in The Pas, Manitoba in 1990, where I still live today. 

I believe people want to work with a local company that gives back to the community.  I have learned that good service, good employees and a good working atmosphere are key.

Darrell Morgan

Morgan fuels was started by my grandfather, Neezer Morgan in 1935 in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. In 1969 when he retired, Neezer sold his business to my dad, Lew Morgan. I started as a teenager, working in the yard, and once I was old enough I delivered fuels and lubricants. After university I took an active role in managing the business and dad handed me the reins in 1996 when we became an Esso Dealer.


I feel a company is only as good as its employees. Success comes from maintaining a family environment and a community-based focus in the markets we serve.

John Marsollier

Marsollier Petroleum was started in 1973 by my parents, Andy and Joan Marsollier in Snow Lake, Manitoba. I started in the business as a young child, loading trucks and oil. I have always enjoyed trucking and working with people. In 1988 I started working full time with my dad until he decided to retire in 1992, then four years later I purchased the Esso Agency in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan and re-established Marsollier Petroleum.


I've learned that you need to treat people the way you would want to be treated and that having great customer service will go a long way. If you have good employees then great service and pride all come together.

Amilcar Hernandez

I was born and raised in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. I started working in the fuel business in 1995 for Esso back in my home country , and worked there until 2010, holding several positions over the years. I then decided to immigrate to Canada in 2011 and settled in Calgary and was able to get a position with Imperial Oil, working in many areas such as product trading, logistics, and finally as a Reseller Business Advisor, overseeing all of Imperial’s Western Canada fuel branded resellers network. 

I have worked with Darrell, John, and Kelvin for several years in their own businesses and worked very closely with them in the process of getting DMM Energy up and running since the early days. I know their work ethics and beliefs align perfectly with mine. I could not be more thrilled to be part of the DMM Energy family and to work together to help it grow in the coming years.                                   


Forging their own path, the people at DMM Energy are building a company that’s forward-thinking but doesn’t forget the roads travelled to get here. “DMM Energy is laying down tracks for the future, because we have a solid past, built on a foundation of community and service,” explains Darrell Morgan, adding, “We will ensure we bring the small company feel to DMM Energy that customers value and support.” 

The primary focus of our company is to work with quality people and grow the business through convenience and trust. According to John Marsollier, “We want to make DMM Energy a one-stop destination for fuels and lubricants while also ensuring products are consistently delivered in a timely manner.”


The benefits to the community are a big part of how DMM Energy sets itself apart from other energy and fuel companies. “Customers and communities will benefit from our team living in, and understanding, the region," says Kel Doak. "Also, we want to be known for giving back locally and being a part of the community."

Amilcar Hernandez is convinced that a company’s success is fueled by the quality of its people: "The strong relationships with its customers and the respect and support to the local communities we operate in. The example needs to be set from above, and I feel that the local, energetic family company feel that has been instilled in DMM Energy will be key to its success."

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